Cultured Meat? The way to end suffering?

Animals in Society

Animals have historically been understood in a variety of ways that have served to justify the human use of their bodies for their flesh, labour, company and experimentation. Their lack of language, as understood by humans, has been the justification of the exploitation of animals in the history of the social sciences to the point where the howling dog being vivisected becomes “analogous to the squeaking of a rusty clock”. Descartes was a leading proponent of this attitude where he saw that human animals were soulless and nothing more than biological mechanical structures that could not think, know or feel.  This ideological framework justified a range of atrocities to animals including the development of factory farming, animal experimentation which included vivisection, and other structural forms of violence against all non-human animals. Jeremy Bentham, a well-known utilitarian philosopher, however, questioned our use of animals and is often quoted stating –…

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