Is Meat Consumption a Free Choice?

Curious Jessicat

Becoming vegan was by far the best decision that I have ever made. I’m not perfect and I’m still in that transition stage but I’m vegan as far as is possible in my current situation and I know that I will only continue transitioning and never look back. I don’t have cravings for non-vegan foods, I feel far healthier and I am much happier with myself and my actions morally. I’m still a hypocrite but I am less of one. I was always a believer in animal rights but I never really acted on those beliefs, it’s very easy to just blindly live your life the way in which most others are, believing it to be acceptable because you’re told that it is, because it’s the norm. It’s a blissful place to pretend your actions are right and conform to the way of the majority. But after becoming vegetarian and…

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