Keep Calm?

I also think it’s important to note that guilt isn’t inherently bad – you can accidentally hurt someone and feel guilty, but you know you aren’t less of a person. Guilt is our own emotional response to knowing we’ve hurt someone else. So why when you know you are causing another animal pain will you think the best thing you can do is laugh it off? You’re laughing at pain. You’re making a testimony that empathy is your choice. For that, yes, you should feel guilty – you don’t have to be less of a person; you can be a different person.


When the twin towers collapsed, I remember my mother being very distraught at dinner. We had no family in america, no connection to any of those who lost their lives – but our family, all the way in Scotland, had a quiet dinner that night. I was a child at the time, too young to understand, but my parents most definitely felt empathy for those poor people who had died that day. for the emergency services. For those who had witnessed the event. We experienced the same thing when the ferry in South Korea sunk, when the bin lorry truck kiled six people in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago – I walked through the city the day after and the atmosphere was very sombre. Most of us did not know these people, were not personally affected by these tragedies – but still, they hurt us. Still, we mourned.

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