The Purchase of Life

Our whole economy is built on slavery, truly that burden with as many names as backs, and is proof of a modern age with little self-service or higher consciousness; certainly not toward our brethren and fellow people so long as we can hide them; certainly not toward fellow animals. Daily we prove our desires – not of the flesh but for the flesh – trump our capabilities, our very purpose, to offer sympathy and progress and to work as one whole body. There is no God we would accept who would tell us to commit suffering – indeed, there is no God who would ever accept suffering as what we or He has to give as read of from the actions of Jesus Christ – so why do we accept such actions and allowances from fellow man, those who have felt the Lord and those who haven’t? Both are, if not in sin, then in acceptance of criminality. By purchasing the commodity, we participate in the crime. This is true of human and animal produce; of people we make their lives vehicles for our own cheap existence; of fellow animals we make their whole bodies into vehicles for their own consumeable flesh, what we so often say we cannot live without, they most certainly cannot.

That slavery can be spoken of in terms of economy states one bold truth: so long as we can justify x amount of money or x amount of meat necessary to our lives, slavery is, if not a necessary evil, an evil worthy of existing.

Yet how many are made richer by the consumption of meat? Whose pockets are lined by cheap cotton and cheaper labour? Those who love that slavery exists – as inidividuals, the traffickers, the CEOs, the butchers, the foremen who would have previously been called overseers! But above it all, nodding in gentle acceptance of what it takes to make one class of people content out of the lives of another class of people, and other animals, our own governments. Yet let this rhetoric not make us seem so innocent in ourselves, for like I have previously stated: by purchasing the commodity, we participate in the crime. It too is not enough to think that being good to one type of person makes you immune – or used up – to be good to another person, or indeed our non-human friends, all other animals who we have enslaved. It is not enough to say you will not eat meat when you still purchase the milk taken from a calf taken from its mother; who among you would allow your own children to be taken to be kept in dark rooms and seen as nothing more than flesh by those who desire it? then for your milk to be used for other children who had long since ceased needing such nourishment? Who among you would allow your fellow friends’ existence to be considered a by-product of the meat industry? For that is what we allow; we have condemned existence! We have condemned life! We live solely by our desires, and what we desire is a by-product of suffering, of pain and misery.

I do not call for the limiting of one’s self – desire is not an inherently bad thing; we can desire to do good! But I do call for reconsideration; for understanding that there is a way – yes, even a way to keep the taste of meat without it having to come from misery! – to eat more healthily, to stop ending the lives of 55 billion animals a YEAR, which surely we all do if not by our own hands then by our complicity, by the maxim that whatever we do by another, we do ourselves. 

Also know that not only do we let other creatures suffer, we let whole families starve – the grain grown for animals to eat grows alongside the starving families of those living in the 53-country continent of Africa, those who could live fatter off the wheat than off the fatted cow! Indeed, our own country could do so!

There is no need to allow this poverty, this misery, these wasted lives in all aspects of kingdom, continent, country and factory farm to go on. But know that if, after all the information has been obtained, you choose not to act, know that you cite only your desire for the death of another, for others to starve. If you give to charity to end poverty, know you are directly taking from the mouth with your other hand the money you give by your commodifying of another animal.

For whatsoever is born into slavery is born for slavery, and we hand-pick and purchase our crimes as surely as we allow others to commit them.

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