God as a Manifestation of Desires

I recently attended a Quaker meeting. For those who don’t know Quakers are also known as the [Religious] Society of Friends, but there is more of an emphasis on spirituality than theology. I thought this would be a welcome from regular heirarchial church I had previously tried to attend.

I found I was more interested in my main agenda (connect with people who I could introduce to the truths and reality of animal cruelty and factory-farming), rather than silent worship or connecting anything back to God – I do not care for your beliefs if your beliefs are limited to what you can get away with. After Silent Worship, we convened for tea and coffee, and chat. I established that there were a few people interested in animal welfare… but not necessarily changing their ways.

This is an impossibility. You cannot give with one hand and take with the other.

My problem isn’t with God – I don’t care for the arguments for or against Him; people act as people. No matter who does what and says its under God, you can easily establish they are acting solely on their own beliefs and wishes: God is just a functional umbrella for them to distance themselves from responsibility. As for peaceful worshippers and believers, I think the fundamental flaw is the belief that everything has to be connected or traced back to some spirit. I profoundly believe that is a hinderance to seeing what you as a person are doing and contributing toward. For myself, if God is anything to me, it is a side-by-side operation. My actions manifest the God I want to believe in. Ergo, my God is inherently different from the bible’s version; in fact, my God is irrelevant to me unless I am acting. God is a series of actions. God is the self.

My problem is that so many people could say they live by – anything – and still think they can ignore cruelty and suffering. People manifest their desires as God. Or as anything. If it isn’t God, it’s their self.

If you cannot change your lifestyle because of your belief in God, then your God is inherently flawed no matter your devotion. But – I’m not interested in laying the blame on an unproveable deity. It comes down to you not wanting to change your lifestyle because of your desires, and your desires manifest first as your beliefs.

God comes to no one at birth and tells them to eat meat. You must accept your beliefs in anything are profoundly and firstly affected by your culture and your taught lifestyles. Examine yourself first before you examine God – you may discover the reason you match up so well is because you have created your own God of your own desires.

If you or your God can accept the suffering of other animals in a world we have already altered beyond anything that can be accepted as the most primordial of nature, then I have no time for you or your beliefs.

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