Malcolm X Was Right About America

This has definitely got me thinking, not only wanting to read more of Malcom X (particularly his own writing and speeches), but about speaking the truth on matters dear to me (in this case, animal liberation). I think before I’ve been trying to handle it by saying ‘this is what you can do’ and hoping that people suddenly kick-drive their empathy; I think what I need to do is write about ‘this is what you are and what you’re doing’; because the people who want to listen and do right and already going to be doing it, or looking for a way to do it.

Armory of the Revolution

by Chris Hedges
Common Dreams

NEW YORK—Malcolm X, unlike Martin Luther King Jr., did not believe America had a conscience. For him there was no great tension between the lofty ideals of the nation—which he said were a sham—and the failure to deliver justice to blacks. He, perhaps better than King, understood the inner workings of empire. He had no hope that those who managed empire would ever get in touch with their better selves to build a country free of exploitation and injustice. He argued that from the arrival of the first slave ship to the appearance of our vast archipelago of prisons and our squalid, urban internal colonies where the poor are trapped and abused, the American empire was unrelentingly hostile to those Frantz Fanon called “the wretched of the earth.” This, Malcolm knew, would not change until the empire was destroyed. “It is impossible for capitalism to…

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