What Veganism Is

Veganism, to me, is about actually understanding that others suffer; it isn’t just having been told what’s right and wrong. It is the [inevitable] comparison of realising that in any apartheid, holocaust, immigration ‘camp’, there are people who actually feel suffering, and I am aware of it, just as living creatures are killed [murder is wrong is an established law… except in times where certain groups are undesirable, or more desireable to be dead], just as living creatures are mutilated to make it easier to sell their dead body parts (the nazis should have been more business-savvy with everyone in concentration camps; who doesn’t like a nice lamp? And if you think the comparison is unfair, I want to know why; if it’s because people –> over animals, you don’t care about life or suffering at all, just what you can identify with personally; the flip-side is suggesting that if one doesn’t identify, the fact of life and the propensity of suffering and pleasure is negated – Hitler had that very same outlook; racists have that very same perspective, so do transphobics and homophobics. That outlook is the very perspective why humans and non-human creatures are killed).

It is not ‘others suffer’ as a statement as what I’ve been taught; it is ‘others suffer and it is because I want the desired product at the end of the line’. It is ‘I want other creatures to die, to suffer, to be commodities for my will and mine alone’, yet at the same time with no irony whatsoever demanding it is wrong for everyone else to not inflict pain at will upon me, and to be able to do what I want according to my will.

It is, plain and simple, expressing ‘might is right’ without having to actively participate in the production, just through the expression of purchase, yet demanding that your politicians listen to you, your neighbour doesn’t harm you, etc. But, just as with other animals, they don’t have to identify with you. They can acknowledge your suffering, but it doesn’t mean they have to care or do anything. You can be made into a product of other peoples’ desires – and why should you have a problem with it? You participate in that way of life every day. That is what veganism comes down to: actively caring. Actively identifying with suffering and understanding it doesn’t have to happen. Actively being interested in causing no harm and not being harmed because of the positions/roles/circumstances we’re in.

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