God is the End of Activism

Why are vegans arguing about God?
Even if you blew every religious argument out of the water, are you helping animals? (and no, I’m sorry, but as with religion that requires just believing in God rather than direct action, no, your beliefs by existing aren’t changing anything)

As far as I’m concerned, the moment any activist for any cause starts talking about ‘sky-wizards’ (also nice move ignoring that not all religions are based on God, and YES, religions throughout the centuries have adapted and changed – for example, there used to be holy prostitutes in temples solely for priests, but that aside…) you’ve run out of activism.
At that point you are literally arguing with the non-entity you don’t believe in.

Changing people’s mind about God one way or the other isn’t changing their minds about murder solely because most people today don’t actually use God as an active expression (see crusades) of murder, unless they’re terrorists; and it’s very easy from that point to prove that the vast majority of religious people aren’t terrorists, and that not all religious people are meat-eaters (see Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists for some of the non-Western range of ‘religions where not everyone eats meat’; see Quakers, Christians, Catholics, for some of the Western range of ‘religions where not everyone eats meat’) – the point is that God is not bound up in whether someone eats meat or not.

Talk to a person concerned with the suffering of animals and it doesn’t matter whether they believe in God or not. They will adapt their expression of God. [Also religion isn’t necessary for faith].

Talk to a person who doesn’t care then yes, you may find they use the bible, the Torah, the Koran. But do you know what I hear from atheists? The exact same arguments minus God – instead of God ordained it, it becomes ‘we’re more powerful’. Atheists replace themselves with God and instead of thinking they’re expressing God’s will, they become the very will. Nothing but desire matters in a person eating meat.

If you want to point out that the Old Testament says to sacrifice animals, like – again, some – religious people do you are using the very same cherry-picking method that conveniently seems to take all modern benefits yet none of the acceptance. You want to use the New Testament? Fine. Old Testament? Go ahead. You win your argument? Fine. Tell me where you’re making the case for animals first, and not stamping your ‘I can shout derision about sky-wizards’ first.

You don’t need to believe in God to be respectful to those who do; a meat-eater is a meat-eater with God or not. A vegan is a vegan with God or not.

The God point is moot because God, for anyone likely to be rational and concerned about things in the first place, who isn’t a child, is a personal choice. Veganism is a separate choice.

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