McVeganism – new paradigm shift or same old sell out?

Species and Class


By Paul Gravett
Via Red Black Green

It has been reported that McDonald’s restaurants in Austria are introducing a vegan burger, a veggie burger and vegan “chicken” McNuggets. Apparently this is due to the growth of veganism in that country, whereas in neighbouring Germany – which has a less developed vegan movement – they will not be on the menu.

Martin Balluch of the Austrian group VGT (Association Against Animal Factories) is claiming this as a victory for that group’s reformist polices. In the past 15 years a number of laws have been passed such as bans on fur farming, battery cages for egg laying hens, wild animals in circuses, breeding rabbits in cages and experiments on great apes.

While this obviously falls a long way short of animal liberation, Balluch claims these reforms have helped raise the profile of veganism to the point where multinationals like McDonald’s want to…

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