The Lucifer Conspiracy

It’s a dramatic title, I know.

This isn’t the first time I’ve spoken about God on this blog, nor was my last post meant to be a silencer on the discussion. When writing about veganism – and advocating it – I think God is irrelevant as an argument its/Himself as those willing to adapt are those also willing to adapt their religious or spiritual views. The following post is, loosely at least, a matter of philosophy or religious debate:

God’s will can never be violated even if commandments are broken – solely because of free will. For this argument’s sake, we’ll use the narrative that God created us – that isn’t what I want to debate about here – and because He created us with free will before anything else was decided upon, no rules God gives us afterward that intends to limit our choices can be intended for obeying just because God says so. For us to do so would be undermining the very maxim we were created with – to live freely. For God to later say we must obey any other decisions he makes is to undermine His own will. God’s will becomes His fallacy.

It’s a short proposition, I’ll grant you, but that’s the bones of it. But furthermore…

If Lucifer attained consciousness by himself to oppose God’s will, then God’s creation – His own ability – was imperfect to begin with, as all angels without exception were created for two purposes: 1) worship God, and 2) express the words and actions of God.

Each angel is an expression of God, comparable to individual limbs (…a lot of limbs); their sentience is only God’s sentience expressed. Ergo, Lucifer could have only have acted to express God’s will –

…but that fall of Lucifer, who could have only been doing God’s bidding, serves a greater purpose, especially where humanity is concerned: if there’s a Hell – a place barren of God’s love and protection – then people could be coerced to act ‘of their own free will’ into following God’s commandments, without breaking the first maxim (live freely/with free will) and without negating God’s ability to express commandments. It is arguable that anyone in any circumstance who makes a choice out of fear would really make it under any other circumstances, but the decision and/or act would still be considered free-will: just because we would rather not do something does not mean we are not doing it with our own free will; we could just as simply not do something and accept the consequences. A limited set of choices does not negate free will altogether.

God rules by fear.

God expressed his own jealousy (realising you have created and released something that never has to listen to you again is the bitter blow of an ignored parent) and took appropriate action: Lucifer’s actions could never be wrong, but Lucifer would still lose out; hence to compensate, God gave Lucifer a position in Hell … and gave us a convenient reason to keep listening to Him.

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