Current Ambitions

I’m working on a series of consecutive essays at the moment [that I might retool into one larger piece of work after] focusing on the ethics of animals, with a concentrated approach to various points such as

  • Can murder be a right, and even in such a state, does that make it right?
  • No means of death can be humane, even if all suffering is removed before and after, except by consent (such as assisted death); all that cannot consent and is put to death is wrong (even if ‘necessary’ such as putting potential companion animals to sleep due to high rates of strays). Note: I’m not quite sure where I stand on putting animals to sleep if they’re suffering; it’s done on the presumption that they do not understand their suffering, yet we do not automatically put terminal patients to sleep – the simple knowledge of what one is dying from does not equate knowledge enough to understand the whole of it [or their suffering]; at what point is enough knowledge enough to constitute being alive at that point by one’s own choice?
  • The only distance of rights is the species-barrier [subject to platforms of ‘privilege’ put upon certain animals over others, yet still entirely victim to the whims of this other species – us – they’re around regardless of their own existence].
  • No reformation or attempts to gain more ‘humanity’ can be achieved so long as it ends in murder.
  • Are we able to remove ourselves from the suffering of others by judging the putting out of life [death] as an end to all we have otherwise contributed to?

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