Change is Not A Seminar; It is Not a Weekend Retreat

People are cowards, disorganised, or are content as they are; any combination or all of these can be in effect. What we must remain aware of is that motivation is not a powerful blast of energy received from a mystical source; if we want to be educated, if we want change, if we want results, we do not work only on the end-goal – that is, of knowing what we are interested in – but of all the steps this entails: what we have to learn, how we learn it and, most importantly, how we can use it. Motivation does not come from wanting every individual step, but from the goal we desire to achieve. If cowardice stops this, you must be the one to change yourself; discover what your weaknesses are and destroy them, step by step. Anyone who is a true coward will keep putting in excuse after excuse; change has never been gained by succumbing to fear, and all idle attitudes are mere habits of inactivity.

If we are disorganised, it is merely a matter of knowing where we all stand: we may all want to delegate, rather than be delegated to, but even those who really believe cannot stand up to those who have more to offer; even generals started as soldiers. Even revolutionaries listen to others. If you’re disorganised because you’re intent on leading, but you have no idea where you’re going, step down; revolution – and the future – isn’t a car to be driven by one person, it’s the whole world and it has no leaders.

If you’re content as you are, and as a consequence, believe in non-violence, all you’re really preaching is inactivity. If there were fights in the past you could’ve suffered less by by fighting rather than inaction than you can’t say you didn’t engineer at least some parts of your pain. If you’re content as you are, no preaching, no education, no ‘shock photos’ or undercover videos will change you. You keep yourself as scrap or you make yourself useful; there is no hand, not that of a mystical being or that of a comrade, that will drag you along for the whole journey. You go as far as you want to go. But do not tell others your end is a good place to stop when they can keep going.

The future is for us; and though we all die we do not all share the same end.

We go as far as we want to go.

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